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#172514 - “I dare you to show me those videos you have of Jackie and you”, he was obviously not expecting that and neither was I but I was horny and I needed to see what my brother can do to a woman. I opened my mouth and gaped at him, “so it happened more than once?” He smirked and looked at me “I'd say more than you could possible imagine”, my mind was reeling with his information and that's when I noticed that I was wet from my earlier memory and the info my brother just gave me. He pushed his pants down and pulled his shirt off as he started thrusting harder into her, she was screaming and moaning and kept asking him to fuck her harder, I could see he was playing with her clit as he was fucking her and suddenly he pulled out of her and I could hear her whine, he removed his shoes and knelt I front of her, pulling her legs to his shoulders as he slid into her again with a groan.

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