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#306575 - Normally, if I were in “man” mode, I would have welcomed this little threesome, but tonight I wasn’t sure just where this party was headed. You see, long ago Amanda and I had agreed that when I was dressed as my alter ego Lisa, I would respond only with the needs and desires of a woman, but now Amanda gave me no time to ponder the situation as she slid her skirt up her golden brown thighs, spread her legs to reveal her pantyless smooth shaved pussy, looked me straight in the eye as she started to stroke her clit said “So, is Lisa ready to eat some pussy”? In a flash I was on my knees, licking my way to the luscious crevice that leaked her juices I knew how she liked me to perform for her, and I eagerly slid my form fitting tight dress up my thighs to the point that I could feel the cool air conditioning blowing on my lubricated asshole. Standing about 5? 7?, 130 pounds, smooth ebony skin, with perfectly shaped thighs , 36 D breast and jet black, shoulder length hair, she wore a v-nec

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