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#48082 - Anyway, we’re all a few Skinny Blackberry Margaritas deep, busting each other’s balls, when a lonely cougar sidles up next to me at the bar and says, “Buy me a Mango Lemonade?” I shoot a glance over at my bros, who are giving me the “What are you waiting for?” look, so I say to her, “How ‘bout a double?” And, I shit you not, she places her hand directly on my balls, under the bar, and says, “Make it a triple. We’re barely in the door before she starts whacking me off — and the grip she has is incredible. The whole time I’m at full throttle, occupying myself with the copy of Jet she had thrown at me on her way out of the room.

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Kaori kanzaki
Damn i wanna do yoga with somebody now
Damn just perfect
Yayoi kunizuka
She sounds french to me
Courtney love with a butt plug