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#85705 - Mark walked straight up to me and lifted me in his arms and pressed me against the wall “Lilly what are you doing to me” he whispered into my hair holding me against the wall with one hand he fumbled to open his jeans with the other hand “This will be hard and fast the first time baby and it will hurt a little bit but it will be ok afterwards” I nodded as he pulled my panties to one side and lowered me onto his massive cock he lightly pushed the head of his cock to my opening already wet he met resistance with each thrust then without warning he plunged me down onto his shaft impaling me on his meat “Ouch! Mark stop it hurts, please stop!” “You’re a virgin? Mmmmm what a present you have given me, I love you” “Mark I love you to but you have to stop your too big for me please stop!” “I cant kiddo just try to relax, Mmmmm fuck me your little pussy is tight” He lifted me all the way off his cock and again pushed me hard onto his shaft then carried on pounding me! Str

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