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#364170 - and that, dear friends, is why the President and I both hope that you will support him as he tries to pass the all important spending cap legislation now before the House, thank you for your time, good night!!! Jennifer Boyle, the wife of the president, made her way through the clapping throng on her way to the rear exit of the grand ball room in the Century Towers Hotel. Meyer, she replied coldly, what are your plans!?! With his face now turning hard, he nodded to several men standing behind her who grabbed her by the arms and held her firmly in place while he slowly got up out of his chair and produced a hypodermic syringe and said softly, You know that campaign against drugs you started, you know the one that said Just Say No, well, you're about to just say yes!!! Now real terror filled her heart as Big Solly Meyer slowly covered the remaining five feet that separated them as she menacingly brandished the gleaming needle!!! W-what's in that syringe, she deman

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