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#208980 - THIS STORY IS PURE FICTION AND IS NOT INTENDED TO AFFEND ANY ONE PERSON IT DOES HAVE STRONG SEXUAL CONTENTS SO PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASY AFFENDED. THE WIVES SWITCH CLUB I found out about the wives switch club by chance when they contacted jenny my wife it was about two weeks ago which I had no idea until the other day, It was when I found a letter in her draw which said welcome to the wives switch’ club I was looking in the bedroom draws for a pen, it came as a big shock at first as I never thought of my wife wanting to do anything like this, we have a very strong marriage so I thought, I was curious as to why she had not told me about it, our sex life was absolutely brilliant she was such a sexy woman so in some way I could understand why men would find her attractive, let me describe my wife Jenny so you will understand my concerns, she 34 years old dark short hair with a 37DD” bust beautiful long sexy legs about 5’ 7” tall and dresses to impress and loves to

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