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#199796 - Strom proudly congratulated his empty balled nephew, then said to the rest of his gang of five, “Guys, in order for you not to prematurely ejaculate and thereby shorten your oral sex fun with her mouth, I want you to gear way down and make your blowjobs last, so that she has a chance to make a spectacle of herself slurping on your sausages and making the oral sex gratifyingly dirty. With her eyes still closed, she established that she was naked and lying on her side, on what felt like a carpeted floor. After a thorough crotch licking, and juiced up saliva swallowing, the Latina got to her feet, stood Michelle up straight, grabbed her behind the neck and stuffed her thickly coated tongue into her temporary sex partner’s wide open mouth, sharing with her a long, full taste of her recently plowed anal passage and pussy.

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