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#114387 - the same on my clit ring, slowly sinking between my legs and licking between my labia, over my clit while tweaking my nipples, slowly rising, she shook off her silky dress, her body was perfect, breasts firm and pert large hard nipples with studs through them, her perfectly bald pussy shining and obviously wet, her fingers slipped into herself, removing them she pushed them into my mouth, i closed my eyes and sucked at them hungrily, the taste of her womanly juice, fresh and heady, next i felt her slither over me. As i was led into the room, everything went quiet, the door we came through was just of from a stage, that i was pulled up onto, the lights were blinding all i could make out was shapes of people in the audience and the hushed whisper of female voices, some making dirty remarks and some whistles and catcalls. ohh my, your education is just about to start slut.

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