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#278240 - well for the next few nights Mom didn’t really want me to, as I put it Learn anything about women, so things went back to somewhat normal, till mom said my little sister is coming home this weekend and I would have to stay with the babysitter and help watch her while Mom was at work, oh crap there goes moms educating me about sex, now there’s no way mom will do it now. Then next day mom was in the Bath and called me to me to come wash her back, so I went in and sat down next to her on the toilet like I had done for years now I grabbed the sponge thing and began scrubbing moms back she had been in the bath along time and the bubbles were mostly gone I could see almost all of her body perfect even in the water her pussy hair stood out. I was using 2 fingers in her when she started making the first real sexy moans, these would be the sounds that would drive me to pleasure my own Mother to Orgasm for years and I didn’t even know how much she loved what I was doing for her, this night wasn

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