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#37485 - He caressed my long black hair and asked if I'd take an hour long drive with him and had it covered so I messaged Tracy of my trip with Razzak and had her reply she's real proud of me for pursuing my emotions and cautioned me to use condoms and not get pregnant and also try staying clear of Anesh my bf for tonight in case I'm feeling a bit sore afterward with a wink at the end. I was putty again as he told me he has some very powerful xtc which he gets special made by his pedlar and sells on the side line which made him a powerful merchant as well and had me more excited. Razzak took the xtc capsules one by one and inserted them up my tiny pussy to finger them as deep as he could reach and leave them inside to dissolve while he massaged my tummy hard to mash them up in me.

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