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#69874 - i move back down and undo your jeans, slowly pulling them down with your boxers, your semi-hard cock springs up and hits me in the face, i giggle and teasingly pop it into my mouth for a couple of seconds as you step out of the remains of your clothes standing in front of me naked you pick me up and pull my top over my head, i have no bra on and my boobs fall free, not too big and not too small, but just right, firm and perky topped off with little pink nipples that you suck into your warm mouth on by one, you sit me down and spread my legs, lift my skirt and kiss my pussy through my panties, kissing the inside of my thigh you roll my stocking down my leg before moving to the other leg and doing the same there, once both stockings are off and on the floor you reach up my skirt again and i lift my ass so you can pull my panties down, exposing my bald pussy to you which you quickly dive forwards and teasingly lick, i stand up wearing only my skirt which you unzip and it drops to the

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