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#260806 - “Since you don’t have a boyfriend anymore I think I should take proper care of you Sharon” Harry said smiling wickedly at her “What do you mean?” Sharon asked perplexed at what he had just said, they were both naked an on the bed but hadn’t started anything yet. “God you seem bigger!” Sharon moaned as she made a tiny thrust back at Harry as he fucked her pussy roughly with his cock the sound of their skin slapping together filling the room along with the pleasure filled moans of the young woman below Harry. The next day Sharon did some sun bathing in the open, the sun was bright and hot and with the cottage so secluded she had decided it was perfect for some topless bathing, she had been up since about 7am, woken by a large amount of Harry’s cum in her pussy, she had looked at the sheets and seen she had leaked in the night too.

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