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#292773 - A slight shiver went through her, and she signaled the porter that she would like a blanket, and immediately covered up and slipped off to sleep. We've got one more night to go, he said, are you glad!?! Missy found his hard cock with her hand, squeezed it, and replied, Is that answer enough for you?!? THE END. Touch it, bitch, he ordered, and with a shaky hand she encircled his member, gripping it tightly, and moaning softly at its thickness!!! Ever had one that big, baby, he asked!?! No, never, she stammered, it's huge, and so hard!!! Do you still feel slutty, he asked!?! Oh, god, she moaned softly, so slutty, oh so slutty!!! Do you know what sluts do, he pressed on!?! What, she replied in a thick voice!?! They suck, bitch, he retorted quickly, do you understand me?!? Yes, she answered softly, I understand, and with that, she dropped her head into his lap and took his thick penis into her warm mouth!!! Doug, feeling the reverberation

Read Str8 Namaiki Karin | 嚣张过头华凛 Pussy Namaiki Karin | 嚣张过头华凛

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Ikr she so tired
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