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#242686 - Horton, he said while knocking on the door jam to her office!!! Come on in, Craig, she said without lifting her head from her paper work, please take a chair, I'll be with you in a moment!!! Sure, no problem, he said easily while plopping down and picking up a magazine to thumb through, sure has been nice weather we've been having, isn't it!?! Yes it has, she said while directing her attention towards him, now, for the reason I wanted to see you, it seems as though you're not keeping your mind on your work!!! Not quite sure where she was coming from, Craig asked nervously, You aren't satisfied with the way I do my job!?! No, it's not that, she replied evenly, it's just that ever since you started working for me, how shall I put this, that everytime I see you, you seem to be, ahem, sexaully aroused!!! Craig's face immediately turned a bright shade of red as he stammered, T-that's just not true, ma'am, I-I'm sure

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