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#381850 - I stay deep inside her, my cock pumping my balls' contents into her convulsing body, I look at Kelvin and smile as he plays with the dog, totally unaware of what just happened in his kitchen. I changed the names, mostly because I forgot most of them LOL I'm sitting in the shade and watch how Kelvin plays with the dog. Her scream dies a silent death against my hand, I slip my hand from her mouth and pull one of the shoulder straps from her shoulder, then slip my hand under her dress to rub her hard nipple, I slip my other hand under her and find her inflamed clit, I start rubbing it, she moans loudly “If you're going to be loud you need to bite on something” She grabs a dishcloth, bunched it up and bit down on it, I started to move in her pussy, feeling her tight walls squeezing my cock, I look out at Kelvin and see him poking at the fire again, he looks at me and raised his eyebrows questioningly, I take my hand from her breast and make a knife spreading butte

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