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#232074 - I was taking a coffee break at work and over heard two guys talking about a local carpark that one of them had stopped at after work, parked in front of him were a couple in a car the guy from the car in front got out and asked if he would like to have some fun with his wife, not believing his luck the guy telling the story got out and was sucked off by the woman in the car in front and she swallowed all he shot. Jeremy sat me in front of the dressing table and fitted a shoulder length ginger wig then did my makeup and to finish me off he told me to put on a pair of glasses without lenses and l have to admit l didn’t recognise myself, l tried on a few pairs of shoes but was unable to walk in them so for the time being Jeremy told me not to bother with shoes. After lapping up Jakes sticky cream on the dresser l had to lick Jeremy’s cock clean when that was done, he fitted a very thick butt plug into my pussy then told me to change into white bra and knickers with a long silky white ni

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