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#359456 - About 45 minutes later mom comes in dressed kind of nice and asked me if I don’t mind watching sis tonight she was going out with her friend Monica for a few hours, now since Monica was kind of a slut but nice and my mom really liked her, they would go out a lot of times and Mom would be dragging Monica into the spare roomy lil sisters room now plastered drunk, mom was no drinker but enjoyed dancing and very rarely ever had men at our house at least not when I was there, well Mom says make sure sis is in bed by 10 pm and me I can stay up in case mom needs my help with Monica, so off they go about 9 pm and I am sitting there Saturday night alone at home with my 8 year old sister, there wasn’t anything on TV and boredom was setting in so I played some dolls and we had Tea parties ate Ice cream for the sake of fun I had to do it, if my friends seen me playing like that I would be called gay, But she enjoyed me doing it and she was a lot of fun I have to admit, 10 pm came and I told h

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