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#195656 - I have decided that I am not going to School tomorrow, it is Billy’s Birthday he will turn the Big 16, so we are going in to the town as he wants to buy some clothes with his birthday money, he has promised to buy me lunch at a nice place, I have no money to buy him a present, but I have got him a card, I wrote in it. I was looking forward to a chip shop dinner, but the bitch was there when I got home from school, how sad she is so horrible she even stops her children from getting a rare treat a takeaway meal, Dad came home about 8pm things where pretty calm but my hopes of being £20 rich did not last long when he came to my room to claim it, 2 minutes later the front door of the house slammed as Dad went out ,then I heard a crash and smashing from the kitchen, probably another few plates smashed, if this carries on she will have to put our dinner straight on to the table, the woman is a FU**ING NUTTER. I gave him his birthday card he read it and put it on the dresser beside

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Keita amano | nathan adams
The marijuana lmao the way you say it in your dad voice lol yoi have had a great year so happy you just keep getting these hentais out
Looks painful no orgasm thumbs down