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#112459 - As she made her way back to her car minus her knickers which Isiah had told her he was keeping as a momento she now found that she had gotten herself into yet another situaation which could be much more damaging than the previous one all because she was unable to keep control of the situation and keep her knickers on for more than a few seconds when confronted by horny males. They quickly grabbed her arms and bent her over the desk but this time there were no restraints or stripping of her clothes just a swift pull of her skirt up over her arse and a pair of hands pulling her pantes down and off. The first workmate Samuel was powerfully built but short and stocky there was no foreplay as he entered her and began to hump Ann had to hold on to the edge of the desk as though her life depended on it,as he began to piston his cock in and out of her faster and faster she found herself responding to his thrusts and as she began to moan and whimper he started to climax and she was soon re

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