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#152768 - now this is my first attempt at writing anything at all really so suggestions would be useful I hope you enjoy I woke up like it was any other morning I pulled the sheets away from my body but when the sun hit my arms I noticed the blood and cuts everywhere I knew I had cut my arm last night but nowhere near that bad oh well I guess that's what happens when you sleep with all these knifes I say to myself as I pick up one of the knifes that is poking me in the leg and throw it at the stupid Justin Bieber poster that I'm to lazy to rip of the wall I get up and put on my favourite black jumper and black sweat pants that I always wear fuck going to school today my parents arnt home for another week anyway I slowly walk down the stairs to get something to drink then go back to bed but as I get to the bottom of the stairs I notice massive red stains in the carpet leading to the kitchen I followed the trail into the kitchen to see blood and body parts littering the room m

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Hanta sero
She looks a bit like jenifer lawrence with those asian eyes they both are beautiful
Latooni suvota
Anyone wanna remake this
Gaignun kukai jr.
Nice holes