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#279868 - He sought her Caught her Broke her Rode her Till she screamed His name Going insane And came for him For him Like never before For any Other He taught her Fought her Till she learned Not to Fight him Anymore Just to be His dirty Little whore His fingers tight Wound up In her hair Nothing can compare To his cold Scrutinizing stare Roaming intensely Over her Naked Exposed Body She wants to Cover herself up But her hands Are bound Quite snuggly And neatly Behind her back Can’t look away That will earn Her a smack Somewhere Anywhere She’ll like it On her knees Sprawled On the floor Aware From the bulge In his pants That he’s wanting So much more Than the view He’s got Right now He Looks down At her She knows What he wants She knows he Wants to make her Shake her World Turn it Upside down From smile to frown He unzips His zipper Looking rather Chipper His grip Tightens at the back Of her head

Read Bedroom Tonari no Gotou-san - Original Reverse Cowgirl Tonari no Gotou-san

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