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#147826 - I had actually been encouraged by an anonymous acquaintance to simply share sexual fantasies with Katie and see how Katie responded. She had me where I couldn't really avoid the question anymore, but I was kind of glad because it forced me to get to my point. After not very long at all and without giving Katie the choice, Dan and I flipped her over on the bed, and Dan lay down on his back, immediately pulling Katie on top of him, her chest facing the ceiling, almost as soon as the chick had finally caught her breath.

Read She 久遠境別府のコピー本 - Touhou project Fit 久遠境別府のコピー本

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Takeshi saehara
Love her in these type of roles her face body and sexy bush
Kogoro mouri
Bro being muscular af means necessarily gay they might be bi or gay but why tho