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Web Cam Detour Petite Teen

(C68) [中環 (佐野タカシ)] Detour


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#339024 - that is when it happened I remember laying on my mothers side of the bed and I saw her bedroom door open I saw that it was Brian the older brother who was now our babysitter walk in it was kinda dark in my Mothers room so I did not think anything of it I fell back to sleep the next thing I remember I felt Brian take my hand and place inside his underwear I had never felt anyones penis but my own I could feel that it was really hard and made little jerking motions I pulled my hand away and became very scared I kept thinking to myself this is wrong what was he doing then I rolled over still pretending to be asleep I felt him lay on his side and get really close to me grinding his hard dick against my butt slowly he then whispered in my ear I know your awake and were going to have a little fun I could not move I seemed to be pararylyzed i then felt him reach down and he started to unbotton my jeans and pulled them off and then he turned me back on my side I feel his hot breath on the back

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