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#59692 - Renken, what am I going to do, I’ll never find another job!!!” Well, for starters, you can start calling me Donna, we aren't at the office anymore, so let's be a little less formal, okay? Not waiting for an answer, Donna went to the frightened young girl, put her arms around her and held her close while whispering, Let's sit down and get talk this over!!! On the sofa, Jenna rested her head on Donna’s shoulder while the fifty five year old matron gently stroked her face and hair. Horton’s office wondering how in the world this could have happened to her!!! Fired from her job, and after all these years, she couldn’t believe it!!! She passed Mrs. Hearing the words at the office set Jenna off sobbing again as she wailed, Oh, Mrs.

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