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#349907 - Lets go party been too long since all. “ Alright then, so what are we doin? Drinking and partyin?“ Slapping Rebecca lightly on the arm Amy grins wickedly, “Oooh girl you read my mind, make sure your ready at nine and we will pick you up!“ Sighing softly and forcing a cheery smile, Rebecca pushes her tiredness to the sideand nods, “ok“ Watching as without further adue Amy flounces out of the library, too late Rebecca remebers to call out after her, “ Wait! We who?“ Shaking her head and smileing at her friends energy she returns her attention to the new books. Ummmmz the only other thing i wanted to say i guess was that this story although it is clearly fictional a lot is based on life, I leave it to you to decide what parts are which.

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