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#5938 - Matthew: What happened? Leonardo: The vampires that were designated to pick you up found you by the river, they thought you lost too much blood, we thought there was no hope left, you just go here, I bandaged your wound just minutes ago, it looks like you’re already recovering though, you have to tell me what happened Matthew, why do you have silver hair? What happened to you out there! Matthew: Ok, Leonardo, this is what happened, I took out the original target like planned it was easy but I took a wound, I was bleeding out and something happened to me, I started to transform into something my hair changed colors, I grew wings, I was confused I staggered to the river to see if I could solve things, once I got to the river I was ambushed they were waiting for me from the start, but something happened that I think came from within me to stop them a physical force came from me and killed them, I don’t know how I don’t know why, but I changed. Matthew: Leonardo, let’s go, we’re finish

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