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#255849 - I could not sleep i tossed and turned thinking of what i could actually do to my mum when she was drunk and she would not even know im must of wanked most of the night as in the morning my cock was red and as i went to the bathroom my sister come out of her room and said that she saw me wearing some knickers and why was i wearing them last night i went red and tried to explain that i had put them on by mistake out of my draws but she would not have any off it and asked where i got them from i told her they were mums and i liked to wear them as they were nicer to wear them my boxers and it was up to me if i wanted to but dont tell mum it was our secret i was amazed when she agreed as long as she could see me in them I was not sure if i wanted that but then my mind was working overtime what if i could flash at my sister and maybe if she saw my cock i could see her bits as never seen them before except on internet and for her age 11 she was wearing a little bra and i had tried he

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