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#185889 - 30pm, I decided to shower again and after towelling down put on the new boxers and liberally splashed the aftershave everywhere including the crack of my ass, helped myself to a large Malt and settled back onto the bed to wait, sure enough just after the allotted time the door lock whirred and in she walked she looked over but said nothing, she was wearing a crew neck sweater, jeans and a short leather coat, her face was pretty and her long hair was tied back in a pony tail, She went to the bottle of Malt and poured herself a large one and quickly drank half of it, it was obvious she was nervous as she rested her hands onto the table as if gathering her nerve, she then finished her drink and slipped off her coat, boots, sweater and jeans, this left her in just a lacy half cup bra and white pants, Wilma had not lied her body was lovely, nicely proportioned tits for her size and a lovely well rounded ass, I felt my cock start to stir and it crept to half erection , we had still said noth

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