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#346196 - Meyer, d-don't make me do that, I-I can't!!! Hey, honey, he said smoothly, no one's making anybody do anything, if you don't really want the horse, no problem, okay boys, let's leave her alone, she doesn't need us around, let's go!!! As Big Solly and his men slowly began filing out of her small bedroom, a feeling of desperation shot through her as she realized her only hope of getting well was by sucking the dreadful Mike!!! The cold shakes again wracked her body as it begged her to pour some relief into her veins, and in a half state of delirium, she begged Big Solly to bring Mike back into the room!!! Hey, Mikey, Bigg Solly yelled, get back in here, the little lady wants to meet ya up close and personal!!! It had gotten to the point where she didn't even care that there were five other men in the room watching, all she wanted to do was get Mike's cock into her mouth so that she could suck him off as quickly as possible!!! Mmmm

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