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#401454 - 'Do u lik me?' She asked, and without giving her a second to breath i said 'Fuck Yes' She the giggled. Then she grabed my hand and moved it to her pussy, 'I want your fingers in my hole' i took of her g-string and put my 2 fingers in her hole as far as i could, she let a quiet moan out i kept going slow and fast then after a while, then i moved my head under the blanket and moved for her holy spot, i put my tongue on her belly button all the way down to the top of her flaps, i tormented her for about an 10 minutes 'OOh u sexi cunt stop doing that and go 4 my hole u dirty boy' then for her i did my tongue went in and out again and again, she as going crazy, 'Oh yes,oh yes lik me u sexi bitch u lik that do yea' 'Yes i love your body, 'omg baby im gonna explode, and when she said that my face was hit by a tidal wave of juice, then i did the rite thing clean it all up with my tongue.

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Superbi squalo
Wow i want to see more of her
Kayneth archibald el-melloi
Seems like a great neighborhood i d love to pay rent there
Garie tuman
I want to pnp with her bad i want those sexy toes wrapped around my hard cock i would eat her pussy for days lol