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#288829 - It was heavenly so I stayed right there sucking on her far breast while I played with her clit and let mom suck my cock. ” Mom’s eyes flew open, her jaw dropped, and she said, “Wow!” I also said, “Wow!” Aunt Linda said, “He may be expensive but he is certainly worth it! Offer them a money back guarantee if they’re not entirely satisfied with his performance!” Aunt Linda said, “Between the two of us I think we can book four women a week!” Mom asked, “Why only four?” Aunt Linda smiled and said, “Hey! We need some of that action too! Consider it our fee for being his pimps!” Mom smiled and said, “In the movies the pimps always get to try out the merchandise! Don’t they?” Then the two ladies looked right at me and laughed! Mom asked me, “So what do you think about making love to a bunch of rich women that don’t get enough sex from their husbands and boyfriends?” I smiled and said, “I think it’ll be fun! I can make a lot of women happy and earn my way through coll

Read Dad [30min-5000yen (Kagami Uekusa)] Oshi no [Sensitive na] Hon. (Nijisanji) [Digital] Mms Oshi noHon.

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