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Street Youkoso ☆ Yoko - Tengen toppa gurren lagann Panty

(サンクリ37) [背・骨 (先走汁)] ようこそ☆ヨーコ (天元突破グレンラガン)


Characters: Yoko ritona (39)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
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#62208 - I did go to the funeral though no-one other than her two girlfriends knew who I was, I said how sorry I was to her mother and father at their loss whilst trying not to show my own loss, the strange thing was as I passed them by I got a whiff of the Cacharel after shave that her father was wearing, and the tears welled up in my eyes. Within a few miles it became apparent that she was heading towards the same hotel that we had first met , I said nothing yet hoped that I would not be expected to rent a room as it would cost half a week salary of a maintenance electrician such as I, we did not speak a lot in the half hour journey other than her filling me in on her recent break up and how her parents had been quite pleased with her decision, they thought her to young at 22 to settle down, I in turn wondered what they might make of me should we ever meet, a poorly educated manual (though skilled) worker was probably pretty close to the bottom of their wish list for their pretty daughter

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