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#240400 - I began to run my hand up and down Johns shaft slowly being a little tease but John wasn’t a patient man i gathered as i felt his hand on the back of my head gently pushing my mouth towards his cock i opened my little mouth to swallow the head of his cock i sucked it like a lollypop at first then moved my mouth deeper down his shaft my little mouth was full of cock after going down 4 inches’ i could feel the head of his cock pushing the back of my throat he kept pushing till a few more gulps his cock was pushing into my throat hole i swear it felt like he was going to hit my tonsils, John lunged out of my throat his cock was glistening wet with my saliva John looked up at me I went on to his cock and took it back down my throat going all the way up and down jerking his cock while sucked hard on the head of his cock pumping it hard and fast flickering my tongue over the pee hole John began to yell out I’m going to cum he withdrew his cock and held my mouth open he furiously jerked of in

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