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Gaydudes Kakuchou Daisuki! Furuike Sensei Flash

[天乃一水] 拡張大好き!古池先生 (マガジンサイベリア Vol.105) [中国翻訳]


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#423229 - Just let that stick on the shelf for now, Jake said quietly, seriously, Like I said, he continued, what would need at least a set of books to describe by words alone, being with me will make clearer to show you, for you to know what is hapening, okay? Please trust me on it for now, by tonight you'll know as much as I do, and with your training, maybe more, since all I have is theories that the doc can't explain away when I tried to describe it. ------------------------------------------------------------------ The next morning, Jake retrieved it, with help from one of the guys from the repair shop. Her aging husband said he wanted to try right after dinner, because he had a two hour meeting to go to, was concerned he might be too tired to do the deed when he got home, so the second he left, she drove across town to Jake, to have him pump her full of 'insurance' come.

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