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#337289 - Brittany shook her head and smirked, “I think one of us should stay here with Jay. Jay squirmed and writhed as he felt her heavy nuts twitch against his face, his lips stretched wide as his throat was squeezed, denying him air as she came inside him, his own cock painfully hard as it strained for the touch it was being denied. And just like that, in the space of a few not so innocent thoughts, she could feel her lust and desires clawing for her attention, trying to bestow upon her the cursed gift of morning wood, her mind now doing its best to point out little details that she hadn’t noticed before, like the way the duvet lay on his body, contouring to the alluring curves of his shapely ass and narrow waist, tempting her with what she could be doing to him, right here and right now if she so wanted.

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