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#277477 - As i tidyed up i quickly give the a wash and threw them back on the floor where it wa wet of the shower, i went down stairs and watched tv and drank a few cans, it was about 2am when i heard giggling and Claire and Donna fell into the living room , after a few mins of nonsense Claire looked at me and said she was going to be sick , but before i could get her to the toilet she threw up all over me, my jeans and t-shirt was covered in bright red sickly wine, as i helped Claire upstairs Donna said she would sort out her bed on the sofa, i had earlier put quilt and pillow beside for her to use. One night Claire , Donna ond her other friends were going out, they all started at my house and there was 4 of them, Claire wore a tight white dress with no bra as i watched her get dressed and white thong, Donna turned up looking at bit upset with jeans and t-shirt on, i looked at her and said whats up,we found out her roof was leaking and her house was going to be out of bounds for a week and c

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