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#587 - ”i commented. The next day after I came home from school I knew that I had the chance to fuck her, she was in her room lying on her bed reading a book and I opened the door and came in naked,my thick cock fully erect swinging in front of me,she looked a bit shocked,sat up on the side of her bed with her feet on the floor and smiled at me,I walked up to her so my cock was right in her face and said to her, why don't you try sucking it? She replied, Umm OK She was blushing heavily as she took it in her hand,opened her mouth and took my helmet in her lovely warm mouth, I put my hands on her head and gently started fucking her mouth when once again we heard a car coming down the driveway, as I scurried off to my room she whispered excitedly, “come back later tonight when everyone is asleep ok I went into my room feeling a bit pissed off about being disturbed twice now while trying to fuck her. I said, It's OK Lisa,don't worry.

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1 lucky cock
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