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#220063 - Her mouth was so warm and her lips so soft! I asked her what she thought? It doesn't really have any taste, but it's warm and much softler than I thought it would be. Mandy's pussy was dripping wet and I began to grunt and fill her mouth with cum, she moaned when the first spurt hit the back of her throat, but she sucked as my cock began to unload my huge load! Mandy swallowed and swallowed more as my cock spurted ribbons of hot cum in to her mouth! I rubbed her pussy as she swallowed my load and she started to orgasms on my fingers! Mandy moaned as her pussy clamped down around my fingers and began to squeal in pleasure as she released her pent up sexual feelings! Mandy pulled away from my cock and my cum drizzled down her chin and she breathed heavy as her pussy convulsed around my fingers and she laid back on the bed with her exposed tits and her wet little pussy just quivering! I wanted to fuck her little pussy right there, but I didn't! I asked her w

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