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#386722 - the two women shared a long kiss, before going to bed. soon there was another knock on the door, again lisa and kim went and answered, this time it was samantha, she looked a little surprised to see lisa and her daughter greeting her nude, but was instantly arroused lisa introduced samantha to kim, who immediatly pressed her naked body against samantha kissed her and ran her hands over samanthas tits, samantha looked back at lisa who then also kissed her and smiled, samantha felt very relaxed, kim took her into the living room where jen and michelle were sitting, they both got up, introduced thierselves to samantha before kissing her, samanthas fantasies were coming to life as three young girls she didnt know slowly stripped her naked, she felt six hands move over her naked body, she reached out and cupped her hands over jen and michelle's pussies and then up thier stomachs and onto thier tits, jen and michelle sat samantha down on the sofa, then sat either side of her and each p

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