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#100709 - I decide to have all fighters and transports cloak and I have my pilots maintain cloak the archangel and to faze the ship within 4 miles of their armada and to launch all of our fighters and to open fire as soon as the first fighter launches and to launch all the transports that has the shock troopers and soldiers and my engineers to capture the fleet and hope we stop the new weapons they want to use on the alliance and within a few seconds we cleared the 150 million mile distance from the binary star system to were the enemy fleet is (roughly the distance from mars to the sun) and they were none the wiser till or massive cannons started to put fusion/ plasma and other type of energy damage on their ships and missiles with dark matter warheads and positronic warheads and there’s chunks of armor floating around and plasmatic fire erupting from there hulls and my fighters are swarming there ships cause they didn’t have time to bring up there shields and when they do there getting beaten

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Super creepy and rapey
Fuck i wanna smash up against that oiled ass