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#374491 - He's saying something but I can't hear him, I swear to God his teeth were sparkling! Hello I hear him say, are you alright? The fact of the matter is, I was not alright! I had never had sex with anyone but Fred nor did I ever consider having an affair! There I was, standing in a supermarket looking at this man, my panties now soaked! asking, have you ever tried this pre cooled bacon? They say it's ready in ten seconds! The best I can do Rhonda is shake my head no, can you believe it? I'm dripping and the best I can do is shake my head! OK he says and away he goes up the isle. Would I come and take care of Ricky for two weeks? Damn! I was getting mine, oral, anal and every other way, I just could get enough! Give this up for two weeks? Damn, I don't want to do this but what could I do? So off I go to Chicago, we meet up in the airport and explains everything. Were going to have to stop meeting like this he says laughing.

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