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#146131 - So tell me, Janelle, asked Dr. Scott who then chimed in, So tell us, how do you feel, dear?!? It was if a giant weight had been lifted from her slight shoulders, and she tore into Kurt like a hungry dog attacks a piece of steak!!! All those years and never once did you ask me what I wanted or how I felt, she said bitterly, all you ever cared about was getting yourself off, never once did you take the time to make sure that I was being satisfied too, and now it's too late!!! After that little exchange, Dr. Scott asked softly??? Well, uh, he stammered, I guess that maybe Jan has a point, and we may be in a sort of a rut! A rut, Janelle shot back, it's a fucking canyon!!! Please, let' s try to keep to the point, the doctor admonished her, recriminations will get us nowhere!!! So, the doctor then went on, what would you like to do to change things, Janelle?!? It would be nice if just once he performed oral sex on me, I'd like to find out if it

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Neko musume
The day you record anal will be the happiest day of my life
Usagi tsukino
You lost me at the giant fucking screw at the end jesus christ man i do not want to use the same tools to fuck my lady friend as i do to fix my car
Rei hino
Does she need another friend