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#341207 - One of the soldiers goes over to her and starts to suck on her nipples, one at a time then both together, she was enjoying that unexpected sensation until she felt him bite down on both her nipples at the one time, biting them so hard that she jolted with pain and fear, the look of vindictiveness on his face scaring her even more. He is screaming now, eyes and veins bulging again, his men have never seen their general like this before, they realize now why he is such a great man, nobody messes with the general. She feels another cock enter her pussy and this time go even deeper and he fucks her so hard and fast as well, slapping her ass hard and leaving his mark on her, each hard thrust pushing her across the slab and causing her knees to bleed even more, one of the soldiers comes around to her face and she knows he’s going to ram his cock down her throat and sure enough, within seconds he is buried right past her tonsils and down her throat, loving her gagging and fear, she was gett

Read Culito クラスメイトの女子淫魔に連休中のお泊り会で襲われちゃう男子の話 - Original Argentina クラスメイトの女子淫魔に連休中のお泊り会で襲われちゃう男子の話

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