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#290538 - I opted for Missionary I just love having the guy on top,, I took up my position on the bench and the owner with Garry,s help got me ready for my first horse cock, Garry put a lot of lube on my pussy and then started to rub Clit which was already hot from just the excitement of the night, he stuck in a few fingers and they went straight in,,, my pussy is a lot bigger than it used to be due to all the fucking and GangBangs I have had, Well the moment of truth has arrived and the owner brought the Horse over to me, he proceeded to sniff my pussy and he must of sense that this was ready to be fucked, He jump up on the bench and proceeded to move closer to my pussy, I looked down and I saw he penis emerge from it's sheath, it became very stiff and he was thrusting forward but kept missing so I re-adjusted to give him a better angle and then I felt his cock push on my pussy and it felt really hard, he then gave a grunt and thrust forward and his cock went straight in my pussy, O

Read Balls Negative Love Hatsukoi #1 - Love plus Hardcore Rough Sex Negative Love Hatsukoi #1

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Yuriko nanao
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