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#111857 - Vicky inquired what l meant by submissive so l explained she would have to do what l wanted without question and gave her an example, she was to take her knickers off then get on all fours lift her dress over her big round arse because l wanted to fuck her, she got to her feet slid out of her knickers and got on all fours, l was behind her with my cock in my hand in seconds, Vicky stretched her bum cheeks apart and l forced my shaft into her tight fitting arse hole she didn’t make a murmur as her arse swallowed my cock then as l fucked my sister l was telling her she had to now get her weight up to 16 or 17 stone with tits that were droopy like full cow udders because that was the sort of girl l would like to be in a real relationship with. I wiped what cum that was covering my shaft over her bum cheeks then put my cock away, l heard Vicky say “that was a knee trembler” then stood upright to adjust her clothing and we left the alley to make our way home. We wanted to celebrate our m

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