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#111914 - Later on I was informed that it was all arranged and he would be there at 11am and that it was up to me how I decided to deal with it but that if I intended to be awkward I had better not be there as he was a big man and would not take any nonsense from me. When 6pm came and went I tried to call her cell phone but it went to voice mail the same happened at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm by now I was quite concerned and started to call her friends, none of whom could shed any light on her whereabouts, eventually at nearly 11pm her car drove into our driveway and Amanda breezed into our home in a intoxicated state and very very happy, she would not say where she had been only that she would tell me all about it after she had changed out of her work clothes and off she went upstairs. The following morning when the alcohol had worked its self off she was a little more pleasant and asked me to call in sick as she intended to do so that we could talk things through, I started into my pre arranged apol

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