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#284872 - He laughed and told me there was a lot of money to be made from them and now there were books with photos like that and they cost pounds to buy. I was intrigued and happily opened my legs wide as he went back to it and played with it again until it was hard and he told me it must be over an inch long and very fat now that it was swollen to the full and he could not wait to go between my legs again and this time sucked my long clitoris into his mouth massaging it with his lips and flicking his tongue on the hard button at its tip. I laughed nervously remarking that I had never seen any on our shelves and he laughed fit to burst as he told me it was against the law to sell them and all shopkeepers were very careful who knew and I must never tell that I had seen pictures like that, reminding me that I was now part of business, so to speak, and would have to act very grown up over things like that.

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