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#242157 - i opened the door to see removalists carrying things into next door , they were very polite and apologised. As we settled in the neighbours came around to welcome us to the area , but the next flat to us was vacant , it was owned by a company to house visiting managers . She was so keen to try his huge cock , but he kept stopping her and told the other man to fuck her and get her loose , he was not small but he worked it in and fucked hard until she was a little looser then it was his turn , she got on all fours ass in the air he knelt behind her and rubbed it up and down her ass crack, she was going wild , patience patience he kept telling , relax and it will go in , , the other man sat on the lounge feeding her mouth his cock , it was as she was sucking it started to go in her head went back and her expression was of pain , fuck she just opened up and i watched this thing feed deeper and deeper , i thought it would split her but it parted her and eventually he was to his ball

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