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#365003 - I always thought I was doing well for myself and pleasureed Sasha very well. I have been trying to get Sasha to do anal for ages but she had never let me Ray was saying he was going to fuck her ass and Sasha was so keen I was shocked when he was trying to get his massive cock into her ass Sasha was lunging forward so Ray grabbed her by the shoulders and told her if she doesn't stop lunging away he would punish her she was trying so hard and he punished her alright he thrust into her while he pulled her back by the shoulders making her scream in pain from his cock he got about half way inside her ass and from all the thrusting he split her ass making her sore so he stopped fucking her ass and began on her pussy again Sasha was so worn out from Rays cock she was begging him to finish he was asking Sasha if she wanted him to fill her pussy with his cum and she begged for it and she was saying that I would either fuck her after Ray was done so I could feel how stretched out her pussy

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