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#70628 - That night Kat and me talked some more, me from my bed she from hers, I told her everything that had happened and that I was mad because I really liked Marie and wanted to have sex with her, she giggled and told me to keep trying, and not to feel so bad, that there were plenty of days left in the summer vacation. The day couldn’t go slower, night time never came, I was anxious, I remember wishing time would go faster but it didn’t , it was still around noon time we were about to have lunch when my dad said he was going to town, he was buying some stuff for the barbeque that night, Kat, Jeanie and me tagged along with dad, we had the van ,the one we used to drive from home to the beach house, and an old car we used around the beach house, the same car in witch my sister had given me my first and best ever blow job, I don’t know why I was smiling all the way to town, during the drive, Kat looked at me and smiled also like telling me I know why your smiling.

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